Different people… different food!

Different cultures have different kinds of food they (have to) eat, or things they don’t eat at all. Because their religion or their god doesn’t allow them to eat it.

Food and Relegion

Muslims for example; they don’t eat pork. Because the Koran says they may not eat it. Instead of pork they eat sheep or cow. Jewish people eat kosher. About what kosher exactly is are many rules. But in short it just means; the Jewish eat food which is prepared according to the Jewish religion. And Hindu’s aren’t allowed to eat beef. This choice of food has to do with their religion.

Food differences in countries and cities

But there are also ‘(food)differences’ in different countries or even in provinces of a country.
Here in Holland we use to eat other things than people do in a country at the other side of the world. Something typically Dutch is the potato or chips, but in China they don’t even know chips. In China the people are used to eating rice, noodles and fish. And in Morocco people don’t eat chips either, they often eat couscous and mechoui. Mechoui is roasted lamb. They eat chips in France as well. But typically French things are baquette and French cheese.
Not only in countries but even in provinces of a country, or in cities, the food choice may differ. ‘Bossche bollen’ for example are made in Den Bosch and Deventer is famous for its ‘Deventer koek’.



Another very important factor is the taste of people. Not everybody likes the same. Some people like vegetables and some others not at all! ;) Then you don’t choose it because of your religion or because of were you live, than you choose it because you like it or not.


Your health can also play a part of your choice! If you are on a diet, you won’t eat more than you need, but you won’t eat less either. Than you’ll eat very healthy meals and no, or almost no, snacks.

Other ‘meal factors’

There are more, (smaller) factors which have to do with the choice of your meals; you might be allergic for something and if you do eat it you might get ill or your skin can start to become scratchy. Or you’re very fanatic with sport and because of that you can’t eat everything, or you have to take care when you eat it, because otherwise it won’t be digested soon enough. If you train daily for swimming you need more potatoes and bread.

Vegetarians and veganists

Vegetarian people don’t eat meat, cause they think it’s not fair that we kill animals because we’d like to eat a steak or something. Vegetarians do eat products from animals. Like: eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products. They also do use things from animals, they will wear a leather jacket as well as a woollen jumper. There are other people who care about the animals as well, (veganists) don’t eat meat and they don’t eat and use these products from animals.

The environment

The environment might influence your choice as well. If you care about the environment, you should take care with your food as well. Only buy products made in Holland (cause then the products didn’t have to be transported that far) and buy environmentally safe products.

In short: Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are!

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